280x200 Wine cooling systems are an important part of the wine cellar. We can integrate a cooler into your kitchen space, or offer you added storage space in your new wine room. It is important to offer the function of cooling while keeping with the aesthetic of your space.

A note about wine cooling:

Wrong temperature is one of the main reasons why someone dislikes their wine. There are many misconceptions about room temperature. At the time this term became widespread, there was no central heating or AC in our homes. The room temperature we know today can age your reds prematurely and the refrigerators that store our vegetables, meat, and other beverages are so cold that they can leave white wine tasteless. Here’s a small guide to the proper chilling temperatures of your wine collection:


  • Rich, intense red wines like Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot should be served at about 65 degrees. This is about the room temperature that our medieval wine-loving ancestors used to know!

  • Medium and lighter bodied reds such as Chinon, Chianti, and Pinot Noir should be served from 57-61 degrees.

  • Full-bodied white wines like white burgundy should be served at about 52 degrees.

  • Medium to lighter bodied whites should be served at about 48 degrees.

  • Sweet and sparkling wines including Champagne, Cava and Mascats should be served between 43 and 47 degrees.

Our goal is to create an ideal temperature environment for both red and white wines in your cellar, room, or kitchen space. You may require a dual-environment cooler. We will assess your needs and offer a solution that will fit physically and functionally in your unique space!