Custom Wine Cellars

There is nothing that brings more class and style to a home or business than a custom wine cellar, room, or display. If you often host guests, it could be the perfect centerpiece to your space- the “wow” factor you’ve been missing. Omega Wine Rooms are the experts in:

  • Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems
  • Custom Wine Rack Installation
  • Wine Cellar Design
  • Wine Cellar Construction
  • Wine Cellar Remodeling

We have designed and constructed incredible compliments to our clients’ homes and businesses alike on display in dining rooms, within spacious closets, tucked elegantly beneath staircases, in basements, behind bars, in restaurants, and even entire room additions. Whatever the scale of your wine display, we’re so excited to speak with you about putting that elegant finishing touch on your space.

Contact a design specialist today to get the bottle rolling!